The Underground

Banished and on the run, supported only by patriots and rebroadcasted from a clandestine location. Mr. Chris returns in the all new, Mr Chris Show Underground. Once again, bringing to light what the dark powers keep hidden.

From the paranormal to conspiracies and politics, the boldest and most interesting show emanating from the underground.

Mr. Chris discusses current topics with riveting and bold news and commentary in an open and unedited format in the Mr. Chris Show Underground, News and Commentary. Cohosted by DiamonDan.

The shows are recorded via random international shortwave radio frequencies over thousands of miles and handed off through multiple contacts before being posted on the internet. The audio quality of the shows are therefore impacted accordingly.

Truth is something you may not like, once found.

– Mr. Chris

Besides hosted here, videos are also available at the following sites:



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