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The “List”

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Why not use the common narrative against those who perpetuate falsities with truth? We are all too familiar with the “lists” that have been created […]


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AMERICA IS UNDER SIEGE AS WE ARE WITNESSING A COUP ATTEMPT FOR THE WHITEHOUSE. Last night it was clear that Trump was winning and had […]

Clinton Jack O'Lantern

Hillary tells the truth!

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In a recent interview with Kara Swisher, Hillary Clinton actually told the truth and it may have just been for the very first time and […]

In the October 26th News and Commentary we mentioned a “shoutout to eleven” and a brief explanation was made but it was terse and here is the clarification.

Due to the beratement and outright hostile censoring by the large social media platforms, the mention of “Q” and the like in any form has been used as an easy target by the totalitarians in sheep’s clothing, i.e. social media platforms. These hypocritical intolerant deluded tyrants espouse “protecting for the common good.” They define “common good” as perversion, debauchery, and radical agenda as norms that they intend to protect and the “sheeple” buy it hook, line, and sinker.

Those of you reading this are not sheeple and have either never been asleep or have woken up to the reality of how the world actually works.

These masters of the social media platform continue to enslave the masses with promotion of agenda designed to keep the level of critical thinking to a minimum as to stay “asleep.” The DS (Deep State) driven by the Illuminati (a term used here for reference but actually is more than a simple collective) helps, through legislation, the dominance by these thought directors.

The Orwellian classic is referenced by many but it is doubtful that they actually understand it or can cross reference the ideals to Atlas Shrugged, Fahrenheit 451 and other masterpieces. The central point of all these dystopian works was to reflect upon the author’s current day perceptions and concerns and fictionalize a story to shake the readers — to awaken them. Much of what was fiction in their time has become reality but the proprietors of evil, have studied these works as well and have adapted to not be easily identifiable as in those stories. These days, the tactics are the same from those stories, as is the underlying quest to maintain slavery over the masses, but “Big Brother” is not a face you can point to or identify anymore and he is not on a poster. Big Brother has hidden himself into policies promoted to “help” or to “enlighten” us like, euthanasia as logical “care” for those who are helpless, sick, or elderly — see Terri Schiavo (2005). They also redefine ages of consent, create racial strife, define classes to divide, and like in 1984, confuse terms for love, peace, and truth.

In computer terminology, there are different number systems for reasons not needed to be explained here, however the hexadecimal system is one such system used along side and in place of the base 10, or decimal system. The hexadecimal number 11 (eleven) equates to the standard decimal number 17 (seventeen). Many have started to use “17” to describe the patriot known as “Q” as Q is the 17th letter in the English alphabet so they will not be targeted so easily in posts, podcasts, or videos by the censors. I simply use 11h (standard notation for hex numbers) and propose that others do so as well.

As has been stated by “11h”, one can not simply use one technique to counter the “other side” but as a digital soldier you must learn to adapt and overcome as it is a war we are in after all. This is just another technique.

-Mr. Chris