Trump or Treat: Millions Terrified

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Just a day after most communities in United States have celebrated Halloween and the age old custom of Trick or Treat, Sunday November 1st turned out to be the real horror show for millions of leftists, Marxists, and anarchists as they were terrified from sea to shining sea.

Many communities in not only small towns, but major metropolis areas were bursting with red, white, and blue flags of all kinds along with Trump flags, banners, and other works of art depicting Donald J. Trump. Trump or Treat had arrived!

Last weekend in Beverly Hills California, Cardi B was on video saying, “Trump supporters are everywhere, I’m scared.” She was not the only one, as the rally returned on Sunday to horrify the normally liberal area. “I can’t believe this is happening.” said one person.

Many people not connected with the rallies were so terrified that they burst out yelling in what appeared to be support for Trump. Passersby clapped, gave thumbs up, honked horns, and spontaneously said phrases such as “Four more years” and “Trump 2020!” Psychologists presume that this is simply large amounts of people experiencing a condition known as the Pseudobulbar affect which may cause unintended uncontrollable outbursts of emotion due to medical conditions. “Experts” also possibly attribute these responses, and apparent support of Trump, to the Stockholm Syndrome, a phenomenon in which hostages can come to identify with the person holding them. Even though nobody was being held, it is best to not disagree with the “experts” as they must more know more than you since they are on the MSM (main stream media).

People meet for eating, talking, and bringing their dogs to socialize. All peoples from all walks of life were present gathering for comradery, friendship, and of course, support for a man that they believe in — Trump. What other US election and what other US candidate has provoked so much emotion, that people gather together in support? All across the United States, rallies such as these have been ongoing, week after week. Thankfully, patriots from the USA have forwarded imagery and stories as the MSM seldom acknowledges these events exist unless it involves altercations between the sides which they use for entertainment and political editorial condemnation. Americans were out in force displaying signs of liberty and beliefs of the American way and our ideals. Along the parade route in all cities and towns, supporters came out from their houses to wave and cheer on the armada of cars, trucks, and motorcycles as they passed by. Once in a while angry detractors would display vulgar symbolism and yell obscenities at the armada whereby the Trump supporters would yell back to them, “we love you.” So, once again for review, who are the intolerant ones?

Kids, grandparents, ethnicities of all kinds were seen, including the drag queen Lady Maga who not only attended the Rally in Beverly Hills but flew to Salt Lake City, the same day, to attend the the rally there. Lady Maga started in by asking, “Do you support the Constitution, well let’s get started!” Lady Maga was ostracized by the left after he/she espoused support for Trump. Fully embraced by Trump supporters, the question is then, “who are the intolerant ones then?” The MSM has told us that only the left believes in peace, love, and tolerance, but the practice is far different than the speech.

Sadly, with only a handful among the thousands attending the SLC rally wearing masks, it is estimated that if anyone was infectious with any virus of any kind, their survival rate is only greater than 99% if they were to even contract anything. National Geographic puts the estimate for all virus present on earth at 10 nonillion (10 to the 31st power), “enough to assign one to every star in the universe 100 million times over.” Basically this means that the WHO needs to step up efforts big time (over the next trillion years) if they want to combat world virus.

Then again, according to the MSM, doesn’t a simple loose fitting uncertified paper mask protect one against everything?

-Mr. Chris