WARNING: Trumpageddon II is Coming (11-3-2020)!

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Trumpageddon -- The End Begins (again), 11.3.2020

Warning, be advised, this public service announcement is NOT hyperbole!

“Wear a mask, stay indoors, chant “it’s not real” and give sacrifice in the name of Hollywood elite” are things that you may soon hear by the MSM (main stream media) on the evening of November 3rd, 2020, hereby known going forward as “Trumpageddon.” This term coined by Mr. Chris, is defined as:

[ trəmpəˈɡedn]
(in the Main Stream Media) an epic concluding battle between good and evil since 2016, where Trump wins re-election for another four years in United States.

  • a turning point in United States where corrupt politicians, officials, Hollywood and recording industry elite, and criminal financiers realize that they either face arrests and punishment (earthly but more severe in the afterlife) or take matters into their own hands as they are about to be taken down and held accountable for crimes.
  • November 3rd, 2020
  • The leftist’s worst nightmare come true

November 2nd, only one day left before Trumpageddon in the United States. Despite the entire MSM (yes, entire including Fox) acting in true Orwellian form fanning flames of a plandemic, engineered social strife, and even purposeful spreading of fires, those who are awake are continuing to rally in support of what will be an election turnout and result at a level never seen before in American election history.

Q & A:

Q. Is there anything that can be done to stop it?

A. Thankfully, no. It happened before in 2016 and it can not be stopped.

Q. Will the “left” be hurt by this?

A. Yes. Anyone who is of the left mindset will be affected. Remember, the Biblical story of Passover? No, of course not, you don’t believe in the Bible, but anyway, it is a similar story that you do not believe in, but true.

Q. What should I do then?

A. Pray. Oh, that’s right you can’t since you don’t believe in that either. Well, I don’t know, do Yoga or Meditate or post your sorrows on social media.

Q. Can we infiltrate schools, politics, Hollywood and the mass media to coerce sheeple, I mean people, against the movement to the right?

A. Heck, the DS has been doing that for over 50 years but it’s not effective on the more intelligent types, so no!

Q. Is this really the end of the world as we know it?

A. For the “left” most likely, in their own minds, as the balance in the USA is being restored, however, they will still benefit from a great economy.

The “left” is advised to make sure that they are well prepared with large quantities of alcohol and medication for anxiety and panic disorders. Trumpageddon is expected to create anxiety, panic, confusion, denial of reality, withdrawal from public, and severe depression in most of the left with NOT so rare but willful acts of violence including riots and looting.

You MAY take comfort in using ANY and ALL major social media sites to be completely unrestricted in posting any amount of visceral hate filled lies and threats (normally censored or considered criminal) AGAINST Trump as this will NOT be prevented by those platforms. Please make certain that you show the public your “intelligence” and “culture” by using ample amounts of expletives and repeat simple two to three word sentences. Remember, do not exceed the education of your target audience. Also, be free to post any sort of non supported sources (fantasy) by using “grown up” terms like, “anonymous sources indicate” to sound like you have an education past third grade and an IQ exceeding 71. Quotes of highly knowledgeable subject experts such as Hollywood celebrities and Rap artists will make your statements not only most believable but also relevant as they are respected tomes of knowledge and always right.

PLEASE be advised, however, that conservatives are well prepared and will protect their property and lives whereby attempting to perpetuate acts of violence against them may result in the “Rittenhouse” effect. This effect is where a conservative resorts to accurate and controlled deadly, but justifiable, force to protect themselves against violent leftists. These conservatives practice with weapons as much or more than leftists practice expletives when speaking about President Trump so extreme caution is advised.

That is why Hitler, Stalin, Castro and Mao Tse-tung would all likely agree and strongly urge leftists to continue to deny Trump’s expected 331 electoral college votes and pretend that Joe Biden (Kamala Harris to be most precise as Biden is a placeholder) has won the election regardless of how it is not theoretically or practically possible in this reality or any other.

Be strong comrades as Marxists, Socialists, and Communists leaders ALL need you to keep them in power and for you to gleefully continue to be mindlessly subservient — how else would they, and did they, get away with all they have? Think about it. I mean really.

Oh, yes faithful comrades, I almost forgot, but Hell called and said they still have plenty of room so rest assured you have someplace to go to be rewarded for all your deeds — something you should look forward to.

-Mr. Chris