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The “List”

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Why not use the common narrative against those who perpetuate falsities with truth? We are all too familiar with the “lists” that have been created […]


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AMERICA IS UNDER SIEGE AS WE ARE WITNESSING A COUP ATTEMPT FOR THE WHITEHOUSE. Last night it was clear that Trump was winning and had […]

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Hillary tells the truth!

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In a recent interview with Kara Swisher, Hillary Clinton actually told the truth and it may have just been for the very first time and […]


Last night it was clear that Trump was winning and had the remaining Electoral College votes in hand to clear 290+ for the win. Counts were stopped or delayed in some areas. Overnight new ballots were counted putting states like Wisconsin with more votes than registered voters and those votes for Biden. That is clear fraud but it is also coming from many other states critical in this finish. Some states like New York and California are a foregone Blue conclusion before the first ballot was counted but others are close.

Surprisingly, major cities in the US are relatively quiet for now since the DS minions have been instructed to stand by. Only light amounts of demonstrations have been seen and reported. Clearly they are taking a wait and see approach before either rioting in response to a successful Harris (Biden is only a placeholder) coup attempt or rioting against a Trump victory. Either way, we will see violence in some form but mostly targeted against Trump supporting citizens and businesses.

This coup attempt is very clever. An insider reports that the additional ballots were stuffed in the pickup boxes in the last few days as well as personnel handling the ballots are adding in additional pre-marked Biden ballots. In the end, the ballots will be counted as there will be no way to tell the difference between legitimate and illegitimate. The Supreme Court will most likely not be able to sort out the situation as the “waters will be muddy” with additional ballots such recounts will be irrelevant. Many ballot handlers are agents for the action and hid their agenda in order to carry out orders for the DS. Postal employees have already been caught destroying ballots prior to the election and in some key areas, large percentages had not even been delivered as of Tuesday afternoon (perhaps taking time to sort them out before forwarding on the Biden ones only).

Obviously, when the MSM talks about election interference, they are not describing themselves but they are the ones actively interfering. Along with them, the DS put official agents in place to destroy ballots, replace them, and add in additional ones favoring their candidate. At this point in time we are not seeing stories about China or Russia being involved as the ballot stuffing measures are in the Blue camps favor.

This is a very grave turn of events. I mentioned in the recent News and Commentary, that Estas K. Brown had indicated (off air) that a woman might be taking the office and that would of course mean a Biden win with him being replaced on or right after the swearing in. Could this scenario be happening right now?

What would a Harris win do? Expect to see massive changes to the moral strata across the nation with sweeping changes in an accelerated move toward socialism and then communism. The border would be removed, unchecked censoring against the right, increased taxes, history re-written, the supreme court packed with additional radical justices, indictments and investigations dropped, forced inoculations, greater lockdowns and the demise of the 2nd amendment are just some of the changes predicted.

Superficially, at this point, the battle is being fought at a waged on the ground and the Patriots must stay vigilant, however, the battle is much larger than it seems and there is one measure that the evil one can not counter and has no defense against — prayer. Being that the USA was founded by Christians upon religious fundamentals, those remaining true should pray that a just outcome prevails regardless of whatever ones religious beliefs may be.

-Mr. Chris