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The “List”

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Why not use the common narrative against those who perpetuate falsities with truth? We are all too familiar with the “lists” that have been created […]


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AMERICA IS UNDER SIEGE AS WE ARE WITNESSING A COUP ATTEMPT FOR THE WHITEHOUSE. Last night it was clear that Trump was winning and had […]

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Hillary tells the truth!

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In a recent interview with Kara Swisher, Hillary Clinton actually told the truth and it may have just been for the very first time and […]

Why does an animal wear a muzzle? To keep it from opening it’s mouth.

Why do people wear masks even though science has proven (from at least the 1918 pandemic forward) that they are ineffective to stop the spread of a virus? Because they have given up their freedom. I can see how non Americans, who may have not been afforded the luxury of “apparent” freedom might more easily comply with unjust directives to muzzle the populations, but Americans?

I have heard arguments firmly rooted in fallacies of logic, state, “well, the cases are going down, so the mask mandates as effective.” So, by my hopping three times on one foot every morning prevents total global thermonuclear war , the fact we have not had such said war, it must work — proven logic right?

Just how far has the American population relegated control to nothing short of tyrannical dictators, otherwise know as politicians? What ever happened to the “home of the brave?” I can tell you, they existed in the past and will not be seen again. As American history is being rewritten and countless youth are falling under the spell of cultural dictators, identity is being lost joining common sense that was lost some time before. The patriots who dumped the tea in Boston so many years ago, knew that life under tyrannical control is simply life not worth living. The forefathers of America were men who decided to risk everything rather than be sheep. The heroes of the 20th century wars fought to keep those freedoms. So, what about today?

Today, Americans are more interested in joining their counterparts around the world, to sip lattes, find out the latest celebrity gossip and tinker with personal tech gladly giving away their privacy and freedom in exchange.

When Big Brother (please read or re-read the unabridged book 1984, not the movie), I mean, the government tells you to comply with directives for your own good, it is akin to a fox showing up for guard duty at the chicken hen house. These “officials” are just simple flawed people like anyone else, who don an expensive suit or dress and appear to look useful and intelligent. They are only interested in money and power, for what politician, who is poor, takes office and foregoes the salary? These people are supported by constituents and the media (if they follow orders) and put on a good show for the masses while effecting control and not necessarily for the “good” of the people.

If Mother Teresa of Calcutta were alive today, do you think she would wear a muzzle (mask)? She never did when visiting lepers or anyone else with communicable disease and did those diseases end her life — no.

A rated mask for medical use can not block the virus particle. That is a fact but please go research it for your own edification. A person who paints using aerosols or who works with fiberglass or asbestos wears a specialized mask and suit for protection. A virus particle being so many times smaller than paint vapors or asbestos can somehow be magically stopped by a loose fitting cheap facial covering or a clear face shield (with open sides). The mantra is that mucus and vapor can be blocked by these masks and therefore one is protected. Can we get the CDC to guarantee those statements in writing to each and everyone and stand behind it in court when faced with millions of lawsuits? Why do virologists not rely upon them for protection? For the sheeple, the simple mask is OK of course.

Also, if simple cheap cloth masks offer virus protection, then why should everyone be forced to wear them? If you wanted protection, then wear it, but if someone does not, then why do they need to? If the mantra of protection is really true than putting your little muzzle on would make you invulnerable — so why worry about anyone else, unless, get this, IT REALLY DOES NOT DO ANYTHING USEFUL! I say useful, since the masks are very, very effective at one thing — being a symbol of slavery and compliance to your overlords. Look at how silly the world population has acted in light of this event. People have basically told the dictators, “yes, we will comply with whatever you tell us to do, just make us safe and give us our toilet paper and bottled water.” In response, they have held out their rings for you to kiss and you have willingly.

It is comical (and expected) that we do not hear arguments such as, “It’s my body, my choice.” For if we are covering ourselves with a mask then it is our body and our choice. Sadly, true how this argument is selective for usage.

I have also been apprised of religious leaders who are asking for donations since their revenue has dropped and are in need. I have an easy solution for them. They just need to open their doors and defy the draconian directives. If the people defy the directives in numbers, then the situation will change. These directives are unconstitutional. I am surprised that there are no fighting Americans left to challenge this unjust directive. The Americans of this generation have just given up and given in. What is alarming is just how easily it was done. To think that all those brave heroes of past generations that fought and gave their lives for the freedom Americans enjoy today, has just been forfeit by irrational fear. No need for aircraft, soldiers and munitions, the war was ended in moments by surrender. No, this is not the plague, nor anything like it. History will prove this to be true, but think about how much freedoms have been lost. It is nothing but shameful.

Mark these words, since we have seen the response by the populations given this event, the powers that be, know just how weak you are and how to manipulate you. Next time, expect it to be much, much worse in ways you can not even imagine.

You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. How true that is. I was recently told by one of my informants that it is no use to try to convince the public at large, and I almost have to agree, however, if there is a least one person who can be woken up to the truth and reality then the fight must go on. Our forefathers knew that wars are not won by giving up and that there are some things worth fighting for. I hope that there are still enough patriots in America who will lead the new revolution of truth and show the world reality instead of main stream fantasy from “The Ministry of Truth. “

I highly recommended reading Albert Camus, “The Plague”, and also Jack London’s riveting, “The Scarlet Plague” if you would like to get a glimpse of life and living with a “real” pandemic, but please read 1984 first.

Mr. Chris