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The Voice of the Underground

MCSU_Voice_Underground Episode 2021.0223: Total CA Recall, Vaccine Info, FOIA DIA UFO Document.
MCSU_Voice_Underground Episode 2021.0211: Impeachment II, White House Set, AOC Hologram?
MCSU_Voice_Underground Episode 2021.0206: 2A Under Siege. The Plan?
MCSU_Voice_Underground Episode 2021.0128: The Plan, The Show, The Irony.
MCSU_Voice_Underground Episode 2021.0115: The Purge. Patriots Regroup.
MCSU_Voice_Underground Episode 2021.0110: The Purge. Rise of the Patriot.
MCSU_Voice_Underground Episode 2021.0106: Boogyman vs. The Constitution.
MCSU_Voice_Underground Episode 2020.1230: Treason, China Virus or Bigfoot?
MCSU_Voice_Underground Episode 2020.1222: You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet.
MCSU_Voice_Underground Episode 2020.1213b: Integrity, China, Virus Facade.
MCSU_Voice_Underground Episode 2020.1213a: Texas denied, battle ensues.
MCSU_Voice_Underground Episode 2020.1210: Valkyrie failed: Choose your side.
MCSU_Voice_Underground Episode 2020.1205: What have you done for your country?

The Estas Files

MCSU_Episode 2020.1020: Voting fraud, censorship and dark laptop secrets
MCSU_Episode 2020.1004: Trump assassination attempt by DS
MCSU_Episode 2020.929: The shadow government, JFK, Deep State Infiltration
MCSU_Episode 2020.820: The coming civil war, time traveler prophecies
MCSU_Episode 2020.805: Epstein, Human Trafficking, Nuclear War.
MCSU: Episode 2020.723, The Illuminati Informant 2: Pandemic, Time Travelers, The Superverse
MCSU: Episode 2020.717, The Illuminati Informant 1: Pandemic, Economy, Illuminati Secrets

News and Commentary

MCSU News & Commentary, 2020.1115, Trump’s Accomplishments
MCSU News & Commentary, 2020.1108, The 12th Amendment (option)
MCSU News & Commentary, 2020.1107, The QFS Watermark Rat Trap
MCSU News & Commentary, 2020.1105, The POTUS Coup Attempt
News and Commentary 2020.11.02 (Trump Rallies, Expectations and Aftermath)
MCSU News & Commentary, 2020.1026, Barrett, Biden, Cardi B, Boom
MCSU News & Commentary, 2020.1015, Social media censorship and statistical virus revelations
News and Commentary 2020.10.06 (St. Louis charges, the assassination plot)
MCSU News & Commentary, 2020.1001b, Supreme Court nominee Barrett, Comey hearing, election violence
MCSU News & Commentary, 2020.1001a, The first POTUS debate dissected

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